Wednesday, December 2, 2009

40 days and 40 nights

Today marks the count down to just 40 days before January 10th arrives! Only the Lord knows if we will make it to that day or go behond that day! Prayers that she keeps growing and will arrive safely. Next and probably last sonogram is set for December 15th along with that will be my next doctor's appointment. I am excited to see her again and to see how big she is and make sure everything is good. Sleeping is getting harder at night. I'm hoping to buy some new pillows to take some of the pressure off. My heartburn is pretty bad this time, I eat tums every night sometimes all night. Between heartburn and the restroom, I don't get too much sleep. She's quite a mover and has gotten the hiccups more and more lately, she has them right now infact. We already love you so much Laney bug and can't wait to meet you!!!